Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

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TFRA increases water supply to New Taipei City  2015/3/3

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration(TFRA) increases water supply to Taipei Water Department for Ban-Xin district of New Taipei City. Water demand of Ban-Xin district is supplied by Feitsui and Shi......Full Text

2014 APEC Typhoon Symposium visits Feitsui Reservoir  2014/11/28

“The 2014 APEC Typhoon Symposium” co-organized by Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute and Central Weather Bureau invited international scholars and experts to visit Feitsui Reservoir on Novem......Full Text

The 2nd Phase of "Advanced Volunteer Training Program" has successfully concluded  2014/10/31

The “Advanced Volunteer Training Program” concluded on October 19, 2014. The program showcased Feitsui Reservoir’s commitment to protect the environment and the catchment area. Feitsui Reservoir coord......Full Text


Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tap Water Closed Successfully  2015/1/8

Feitsui Reservoir’s Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tap Water tour of 2014 was completed on December 21th. We have organized 13 tours and attracted 2,044 visitors last year. The designed tours took h......Full Text

Feitsui Reservoir Ecology Camp Winds Up Successfully  2014/7/2

“Feitsui Reservoir Ecology Camp” underway on June 23 and 25, led by National Taiwan Normal University students and University of Taipei alumnus. The elementary school students observed floras and faun......Full Text

“Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tab Water” Underway  2014/6/6

The tour was held on May 17 and 31, and from June to August with a total of 3 groups. The registration is to be open two weeks prior to the event and we cordially invite you to sign up at Feitsui Rese......Full Text

Achievements of 2017

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration March, 2017 Administrative Report  2017/4/17

Information Acknowledged:March 31, 2017  Last Updated:April 17, 2017Organizers:Hsu, Li-hong Title: Secretary ReportInnovative measuresRes......Full Text

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration February, 2017 Administrative Report  2017/3/16

Information Acknowledged:February 28, 2017  Last Updated:March 16, 2017Organizers:Hsu, Li-hong Title: Secretary ReportInnovative measures......Full Text

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration January, 2017 Administrative Report  2017/2/16

Information Acknowledged:January 31, 2017  Last Updated:February 16, 2017Organizers:Hsu, Li-hong Title: Secretary ReportInnovative measur......Full Text

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